Assess your capability to perform effectively within a Distributed Manufacturing Supply Chain

In the current digital era of production and manufacturing trends are being broken and businesses are moving away from conventional manufacturing at a centralised site to a largely distributed system.

This survey will assess your ability to meet the requirements that this shift in focus will entail, as well as providing milestones for future improvement.

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What is the process?


1. Take the survey

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. All data collected will be anonymised and added to keep the norms in the survey dynamic and up-to-date.

2. Download your confidential supply chain maturity assessment

Set a password and your report will be ready to download within minutes.

Marketplaces & Distributed Manufacturing

We’ve already created a library for you to either benchmark the existing marketplace or collect the lesson learned from previous distributed manufacturing companies or even seeking for potential partners from the platforms for required capabilities, saving time and efforts by not having to surf the web and their networks from scratch.

Find out more about Technology Providers here Find out more about Available Marketplaces here